Zero Hours

This is a 7-episode end-of-the-world anthology, each episode set 99 years apart from 1722 to 2316 AD, with a (by my standards) star-studded cast from Wolf359, ars Paradoxica, The Bright Sessions, & more! Written by Gabriel Urbina & Sarah Shachat, and scored by Alan Rodi, all of Wolf359.

Great soundscaping too!

It feels very cathartic; knowing humanity has, are, & will muddle through tough times!

Gabriel Urbina (Wolf359)
Sarah Shachat (Wolf359)
Zach Valenti (Wolf359)
Alan Rodi (Wolf359)
Disigner & Illustrator
Mikaela Buckley
E1 Those Familiar Spirits
Zach Libresco (Wolf359, ars Paradoxica)
Ariela Rotenberg (Wolf359)
E2 World Enough
Tom Crowley (stage)
Felix Trench (AM Archives)
E3 Bitters
Noah Maser (Wolf359)
Ellen Winter
E4 What Happens When The Beat Drops
Briggon Snow (The Bright Sessions)
Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs (Wolf359)
E5 You'll Know When
Kristan DiMercurio (ars Paradoxica)
Jordon Cobb (Here Be Dragons)
E6 The Sky Is Falling
Mike Schubert
Zach Valenti (Wolf359, The Bright Sessions)
E7 A Matter of Time
Emma Sherr-Ziarko (Wolf359)
Peter Coleman