The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Like "The Red Panda Adventures" "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" lovingly recreates cheesy old radio (and TV) shows, whilst admitting to the era's worser qualities. However while Red Panda focuses on being an adventure, Thrilling focuses on being a (live) comedy with multiple subshows. Not that these qualities are lacking in the other.

Each subshow has a catchy theme song and excellent vocal performances.

Their liveshows started with "Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars" which is a western set on future Mars, and ended with (my favourite subshow) "Beyond Belief" where a drunk couple talks sense into all manor of horror monsters.

Between these are an especially cheesy pallet cleanser consisting of some combination of over-the-top WWII USian patriotism + bad accents, time travel, and/or highly derivative or formulaic (this appears to be the joke) superheros. I had fun tooting about how intentionally bad these are!

Sparks Nevada, Marshal On Mars Beyond Belief Amelia Earheart, Fearless Flyer The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonol Tick-Tock Down in Moonshine Holler The Algonquin Four Phillip Fathom, The Deap Sea Detective

Written by
Ben Acker
Ben Blacker
Andy Paley
Cast (Sparks Nevada)
Sparks Nevada
Marc Evan Jackson (Welcome To Night Vale, Brooklin 9-9, Parks & Recreation, 22 Jump Street, The Good Place)
Croach The Tracker
Mark Gagliardi (Welcome To Night Vale)
The Red Plains Rider
Busy Phillipps (ER)
Cactoid Jim
Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle)
Rebecca Rose Rushmore
Linda Cardellini (ER)
Space Saloon barkeep
Josh Malina (The West Wing, The Big Bang Theory)
Mercy Laredo
Jenny Wade (The Good Guys)
Pemily Stallwark
Molly Quinn (Castle)
Jib Janeen
K Of The Cosmos
Paul F. Tompkins (BoJack Horseman)
Craig Cacowski
Cast (Beyond Belief)
Hal Lublin (Welcome To Night Vale)
Frank Doyle
Paul F. Tompkins
Paget Brewster (Freinds, Criminal Minds)
Cast (Jefferson Reid)
Jefferson Reid
Nathan Fillion
Agent Abby Adams
Annie Savage
Rex Flagwell
John DiMaggio
Cast (Amelia Earheart)
Amelia Earheart
Autumn Reeser
Agent Abby Adams
Annie Savage
Cast (The Algonquin Four)
Robert Benchley
Mark Gagliardi
Dorothy Parker
Annie Savage
Woodrow Wilson
James Urbaniak
Harry Houdini
Josh Malina
Cast (Captain Laserbeam)
Captain Laserbeam
John DiMaggio
Phillip Fathom, The Deep Sea Detective
Hal Lublin
Desdemona Hughes, Diva Detective
Jamie Denbo
Banjo Bindlestuff (Down In Moonshine Holler)
Craig Cackowski
Gummy (Down in Moonshine Holler)
Hal Lublin
Jumbo The Elephant
Mark Gagliardi
Guest Cast
Genie (Beyond Belief)
J. K. Simmons (Sam Raimi's Spiderman)