The Red Panda Adventures

And now Decoder Ring Theatre brings you the continuing adventures of Canada's greatest superhero, that scourge of the underworld, hunter of those who prey upon the innocent, that marvelous masked mystery man know only as The Red Panda!

The Red Panda, mysterous crucader for justice, hides his true identity as one of the city's wealthiest men in his neverending battle against crime and corruption. Only his trusty driver, Kit Baxter, who joins him in his quest in the guise of The Flying Squirrel knows who wears the mask of The Red Panda!

It's a pastiche of cheesy old superhero shows, set in 1930's Toronto. Complete with bizarre explanations, descriptions of cheap visuals (they didn't even bother create), banter, and illiteration. With a dash of added self-awareness.

Case in point The Red Panda and The Flying Squirrel have static electricity-powered shoes allowing them to walk up walls and ceilings as if they were floors.

It's all very amusing!

Then if that wasn't enough, it's emotional exploration of WWII is both thorough and effective. In part by tearing apart the existing superhero world they've previously established, exploring more of it in the process.

Gregg Taylor
Andrea Lyons
Steven Burly
The Red Panda
Gregg Taylor
The Flying Squirrel/Kit Baxter
Clarissa Der Nederlandan
Chief O'Mally
Michael Booth
Christopher Mott
Guest Cast (Red Panda Agents)
(Guess work associating voice actors to characters)
Dr. Theodore Chronopolis
Agent 33 Gregor Sampson
Peter Nicol
Agent 51 Detective Andy Parker
Myron McKellar
Brian Vaughn
Agent 148 Eugene "Mac" Tully
Kevin Robinson
Morris "Tank" Brody
Christopher Mott
Agent 391 Harry "Eagle Eyes" Kelly
Shannon Arnold (Young)
Scott Moyle (Teenage)
Spiro Pappas
Michael Booth
Bert Mendel
Scott Moyle
Guest Cast (Superheros)
Tom Tomorrow, Man of the Future
Jonathan Llyr
The Stranger/Maxwell Falconi
Peter Higginson
Brian McSweeny
Gregory Z. Cooke
Council of Mages
Lady Prianne Harcourne
Crysta Luszczek
Marie, the Voodoo Priestess
Julie Cogger
Red Squirrel/Kim Fenwick
Denise Anderson
Captain Tom Sunlight
John Doe/Red Ensign/John Doe
Christopher Mott
Justice Union
Lady Luck
Kelly Robinson
Danger Dame
Julie Cogger
The Ogre
Shannon Arnold
Home Team
Doc. Rocket/Wentworth James
Kevin Robinson
Molecule Max/Prof. Maximillion Wiseman
Robert Westgate
Colonol Archibold Fitzroy
Peter Nicol
Julie Tripp
The Danger Federation
Eagle Smith
Jenny Swift
Titanic Man
Blue Bomber
Doctor Improbable
Molecule Max 2
White Knight
Star Lass
Brian Seril
Michelle Deselhandrohat
Scott Moyle
Gregory Z. Cooke
Mr. Amazing
Hans Meserschmit
Grey Fox
Andrea Lyons
Guest Cast (Villians)
The Sphinx/Mike Murtoch
Dr. Friedrich von Schlitz
Professor Hex/John Erikson
The Rat Lord
M. John Kennedy
Proffesor Zombie/Antonia Zombanistro
Andrea Lyons
Julie Florio
The Golden Claw
Shannon Arnold
Monica Coté
Commander Varkin
Nick Diablos
Gregory Z. Cooke
Mordriel The Malevolent
Steven Burly
The Mad Monkey
Christopher Mott
The Genie
Brian Vaughn
The Poet
Michael Booth
Kid Chaos
Peter Nicol
Mrs. Mynack
Lesley Livingston
Electric Eel/Simon Radford
Scott Moyle
Deadly Nightshade
Patty Bank
Captain Clockwork
Kevin Robinson