King Falls AM

King Falls AM is a call-in latenight from the fictional US northeastern town of King Falls, home to many classic horror monsters. And regularly wins The Greatest Small Town of America award from The King Falls Chamber of Commerce. Not that most of these monsters pose a real threat, just comedic situations for the characters to react to.

Personally I find I prefer the over-the-top rediculous villification of Welcome to Night Vale, but I can totally understand an opposite preference.

Kyle Brown
Eric Kimelton
Cameron Chambers
Ben Arnold
Noah James
Sammy Stevens
Kyle Brown
Emilie Potter
Lauren Denham
Deputy Troy Krieghauser
Secondary Cast
Betty Arnold
Kami Koren
Herschel Baumgardner
Howard Ford Beauregard III
Reverand Xavier Hawthorne
Chet Sabastian
Archie Simmons
Cecil Sheffield
Dr. Jeffrey Rosenblum
Trent Shumway
Ron Begley
Matthew Walter
Doyle Bevins
Kyle Brown
Olivia Dupont
Joanne Spracklen
Mayor Steven Grisham
Kevin Bulla
Steve Stebbing
Greg Frickhard
Lonnie Lannazzo II
Cynthia Higgenbaum
Jackie Joyner
Mary Jenson
Jill Johnson
Tim Jenson
Chris Ninness
Maggie Masterson
Randie Bailyn
Mission: Apparition's Dan
Zach Book
Mission: Apparition's Larry
Cameron Chambers
Pete Myers
Keenan Kelly
Agent Reagon Spears
Kelly Zimmer
Jacob Williams
Owen Sigsbee Virgen