The Bright Sessions

These are recordings of fictional mental health counselling sessions with superhumans. Things really get interesting when they meet! It's always fun to see superpowers bounce off each other, but usually that's used for action rather than character focused drama as is done here.

The cast, sound design, and writing provides a remarkable mundanity to their superheroic struggles whilst thoroughly maintaining your intrigue!

Lauren Shippen
Audio Producer
Mischa Stanton (Episode 17 onwards)
Psychological Consultant
Elizabeth Laird
Evan Cunningham
Dr. Bright
Julia Morizawa (ER)
Sam Barnes, time traveller
Lauren Shippen
Caleb Micheals, empath
Briggen Snow
Chloe Turner, mind reader
Anna Lore
Damien, mind control
Charlie Ian (Whiplash)
Agent Green
Ian McQuown (Extremely Decent comedy group)
Adam Hayes
Alex Gallner
Mark Bryant, mimic
Andrew Nowak
Director Wadsworth
Alex Marshall-Brown (New Girl, The Hateful Eight)
Frank Sawyer, empath (synthetic)
Phillip Jordan (Parks & Recreation)
Rose Atkinson, dreamwalker
Alanna Fox
Graphic Design
Anna Lore