Black Jack Justice

Once again Decoder Ring Theatre presents another page from the casebook of that master of mystery, that sultan of snooping Martin Bracknell's immortal detective Black Jack Justice! Starring Christopher Mott as Jack & Andrea Lyons as Trixie Dixen Girl Detective.

Detective noir. The guy narrating his own mystery cases over smooth jazz (imagine hearing it here) underscores, whilst trying to maintain his chain of thought. A genre all but forgotten apart from occasional stylistic references on TV.

Not all noirs were mystery stories, but that's all we seem to remember. And the main source for satires.

I've just finished enjoying Black Jack Justice as a great modern recreation set in the 1940's & 50's, brought to you by the same people as my favourite superhero show The Red Panda Adventures. Decoder Ring Theatre does an excellent job at genre & period peices!

As a contractor I found myself very much relating to Jack Justice & Trixie Dixen, more than any movie!

Gregg Taylor
Jack Justice
Christopher Mott
Trixie Dixen
Andrea Lyons
Lieutenant Victor Sabien
Alf McKinny
Gregg Taylor
Freddy "The Finger" Hawthorn
Peter Nicol
Clients, etc
Gregg Taylor
Clarissa Denederlanden
Shannon Arnold
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