Murder at Avedon Hill

There are several well written murder mysteries, just as there are well developed fantasy realms. Murder at Avedon Hill excells at being both at the same time.

Plus the author does some great voices for the audiobook (whilst pulling in numerous others to round out the suspects for his story), while mixing in a nice music track. The audiobook is a superb way to enjoy the story.

Written by
Read by
P.G. Hollyfield
Assistant Producers
Paulette Jaxton
Scott Roche
Stewart Boyles
Charles Blanchard
Guest Cast
Gretta Platt
Sarah Tremaine
Leann Mabry
Talik Bore
James Ziesel
Rae Ramond
Father Jorris
Tee Morris
Head Constable Lewis
Jon Stallard
Holt Livasdawn
Jack Hosley
Jeff Granier
Matt Lynch
Dally Hemming
Denise Lynch
Christiana Ellis
Gareth Beckwin
Matthew Wayne Selznick
Lane Niccols
Caroline Murphy-Himmelman
Blake Weathertop
Billy Flynn
Lord Avedon
Chris Miller
Julienne Avedon
John Cmar (Roland)
Laura Burns
Constable Ulricht
K.J. Johnson
Gloria Platt
Philippa Ballantine
Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit
Jon Avedon
Glenn Webber
Alex Dewirin
Sam Chupp
Brianna Ray
Natalie Metzger
Ally Moore
Ley Nallon
Chris Dicky
Richard Avedon
Indiana Jim
Shane Olivet
Chris Moody
Carin Avedon
Liza Hollyfield
Jilly Hemming
Danny Cutler
Rondellus Marx
Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff
Constable Tanner
Jay Lynn
Doppin "Rah-Garl"
J.C. Hutchins
Scott Sigler
Serena Perti
Mur Lafferty