ars Paradoxica

ars Paradoxica was about one Dr. Sally Grissom entering a partical collider to place a target back onto pedastal whilst telling her colleagues not to bother turning it off. The next thing she knew she was waking up at the site of the rumoured Philidelphia Experiment, in the process accidentally handing the U.S.'s fledgeling interventionism it's most perfect tool!

Kristen DiMercurio gave an enthralling performance as protaganist Dr. Sally Grissom, and as for any well-written non-cliche'd time travel story I have to give HUGE props to writer/director Daniel Manning! Time travel is inherantly difficult to keep straight, but he and the other writers made it look effortless! Not to mention the insane talent from the rest of the cast and crew.

Also there's some truly fascinating science worked into the narrative!

Seriously! If you listen to any time travel, listen to ars Paradoxica! It's possibly the most straightforward telling of the most convoluted time travel story!

Daniel Manning
Eli Barraza
Julian Mundy
Danielle Shemaiah
Tau Zaman
Story Editor
Sound Designer
Theme Music
Mischa Stanton
Mischa Stanton
Danielle Shemaiah
Fight Choreographer
Danielle Shemaiah
Dr. Sally Grissom
Kristen DiMercurio
Esther Roberts
Katie Speed
Lea Peros
Chet Wickman
Reyn Beeler
Lou Gaines
L. Jeffrey Moore
Bridget Chambers
Preston Max Allen
Anthony Partridge
Robin Gabrielli