Movie recommendations

Movie Recommendations

Software freedom requires the people be allowed to alter any software on their computer, but mainstream movie distributors are afraid that if we had that freedom over the software we use to watch their movies we’ll just redistribute and not pay them. (Or at least that’s what they say in public, it’s reasonable to assume they have ulterior motives in private given how easy it still is to “pirate”).

To help you enjoy your life in software freedom I will be listing DRM-free movies I’ve enjoyed here, in order of personal preference. Most of these require a purchase to download off the official sites, which I encourage you to do so these talented artists can continue making DRM-free movies.



Man From Earth & Man From Earth: Holocene

These movies are a fascinating story telling experience, giving you a sense of disbelief within a sense of disbelief. You never know whether or not the story John Young/Oldman tells is meant to be true or not within the movie. And I can see the inner story being fascinating to historic and (if they’re not insulted) religious scholars.

Blender Open Movies

These are a diverse range of short animations (~10-15min) used to push and show off the capabilities of the “Blender” 3D animation tool, with everything from comedy to action to action-comedy.

In particular I tend to enjoy Glass Half, Spring, Cosmos Laundromat, Agent 327, Caminandes, and Sintel. Though seriously, they’re all great!

The Babadook (caveat)

NOTE: This page does not want to offer a download, but it will play fine on any browser whether or not it supports DRM. Still I’m happy to give Hollywood the signal this is how I prefer to buy my movies.

From a creapy book to a vague and threatening monster (seamingly related to the characters’ loss of their father/husband) this is the first film I’ve seen that felt properly scary to me.

Magus Elgar

Filled with energy and expressive voice acting, the members of “Magical Anomoly Interdimensional Locators” have a really humerous dynamic as they seek “Scientific Tools Augmented with Magical Powers”.


This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

This is a very well constructed, written, and narrated documentary series on the history of conspiracy theories, and network theory as an alternative. Kirby Furgeson has given this project the time and care it required.

Everything is a Remix

This is a documentary series also by Kirby Furgeson of similar quality to “This is Not a Conspiracy Theory” about how all creativity is copied, transformed, and combined from that which came before.

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Terms and Conditions May Apply from ro*co films on Vimeo.

Prefixed with a cute cartoon and with strong cinematagraphy throughout, this Cullen Hoback documentary covers the creepiness of how much surveillance we’re under online. I also enjoy the scenes cut from popular films scattered throughout illustrating how new all of this is.


Shortish documentary on climate change activism. I think I’ll have to rewatch sometime.