How does this software work?

One of the vital freedoms of software freedom is that of studying the software you use. I enjoy exercising this freedom, learning the bigger-picture of my software works and gaining more confidence it's not infringing my privacy.

I document what I learn from that here (after tooting it on the fediverse).

And here's another site on how SQLite works, which I highly recommend.

GTK Stack

This documentation describes how graphical user interfaces work on elementary OS, GNOME3, and numerous other desktops.

elementary OS

This documents components primarily targetting elementary OS.


This documentation describes how webpages are rendered in Odysseus, GNOME Web, Epiphany, and numerous other browsers.


This documentation refers to software libraries used to generate images to be displayed onscreen.

Other's writings


This documentation relates to Haskell compilers, libraries, build tools, & concepts.


This documents various internet-based software, and describes networking concepts as briefly nontechnically as I can.


This discusses the common commandline-level components of your libre operating systems, using Linux From Scratch as a guide for what to study. And in which order to write these. Many of these are from the GNU project, but that's a very loose association based on their early focus.